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Conveniently located to nearby Interstate 294, Chicago Executive is the perfect airport for the corporate traveler or recreational flyer headed to downtown Chicago or the north or west suburbs.
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Wheeling, Illinois

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Chicago Executive Airport
1020 South Plant Road
Wheeling, Illinois 60090

Admin Office Hours
8:00am – 4:30pm

Phone: 847-537-2580
Facsimile: 847-537-8183


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Airport Noise Hotline
847-537-2580 Ext.117

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Oh, how things have changed, and pilots today have so much to be thankful for.

Oh, how things have changed, and pilots today have so much to be thankful for.The Douglas C-124 Globemaster provided heavy airlift during the Korean War and the Southeast Asia War. Other important airlifts conducted by C-124s included resupply missions to Antarctica, refugee evacuation in the Congo and mercy flights to Morocco, Chile and elsewhere throughout the world following floods and other natural disasters.

The C-124 evolved from the earlier Douglas C-74. The first flight of the C-124 took place on Nov. 27, 1949, and deliveries of C-124As began in May 1950. The U.S. Air Force bought 448 C-124s before production ended in 1955.

To facilitate cargo handling, the C-124, or "Old Shakey" as it was affectionately known, featured "clamshell" loading doors and hydraulic ramps in the nose and an elevator under the aft fuselage. It was capable of handling such bulky cargo as tanks, field guns, bulldozers and trucks. It could also be converted into a transport capable of carrying 200 fully-equipped soldiers or 127 litter patients and their attendants in its double-decked cabin.

Most C-124s were transferred to the Air Force Reserve and the Air National Guard by 1970, and all were released from active service in mid-1974. The aircraft on display was assigned to the 165th Tactical Airlift group of the Georgia Air National Guard following its service with the USAF. It was flown to the museum in August 1975.

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