Runway Construction Season Ends

It’s Been a Long, Hot Construction Summer


The principal construction for the Runway 16/34 Rehabilitation Project has been completed and all runways and taxiways are open again.

While the trucks have all pretty much disappeared, there are still a few items not quite back to normal that everyone needs to know about.


The FAA requires a flight check before they’ll allow the runway 16 ILS to be recommssioned. The tentative date is early October, but we’ll post a precise date for your planning purposes as soon as we can.  The Land and Hold Short Lights on runway 16 will remain out of service briefly until they are recalibrated. All PAPIs are back in operation as well.

The Illinois Department of Transportation’s Aeronautics Division is also trying to schedule their post-construction inspection of the new runway. We don’t anticipate any issues, but there is always the chance the the IDOT folks might see something that requires a bit of corrective action. 

The Facts, Just the Facts

Because he amount of materials needed for a project of this size is always greater than anyone imagines, we wanted to share with you a few runway construction facts.

Seven different contractors teamed up to create the new runway surface. The initial work began when 20,000 tons asphalt milled and hauled off. The new surface added back some 21,500 tons of new asphalt. They used 150,000 sq. ft. of temporary marking paint, but only 130,000 sq. ft. of permanent paint. 

Construction efforts created 75,500 sq. yds. of new grooving and added 50 new runway lights. The lights demanded the installation of 20,000 sq. ft. of new cable. Finally, crews graded down three acres of shoulder area.

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  1. CEA Team,
    I hope this speaks for a majority of the CEA operators (you can’t please everyone), I congratulate you with a “Nice Job Team”! It’s finally over for the most part, and I’m sure we have a better airport now than at the beginning of the summer.
    Thank you for your continued communication through out the project. The status reports were appreciated.
    The advanced notice and closure schedule could not have been communicated any better. And you stuck to it!
    The notifications on Sunday afternoons of re-opening early were very helpful. I applaud your seven contractors for getting the work completed each weekend on average of 12-16 hours ahead of schedule. And the weather cooperated, which is always a plus.

    Other than a couple weekends of repositioning to UGN just to have our bases covered, our operation did not experience any significant issues or costs of doing business.


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