Airport’s Master Plan Phase III Begins


Stakeholder Outreach Key Component

Chicago Executive Airport is updating its more than 30-year-old Airport Master Plan, which the FAA mandates be updated regularly. The Master Plan Update process is guided by the FAA and ultimately results in projections of future aviation activity growth and preparation of an Airport Layout Plan (ALP). The Master Plan is a long-range planning document that serves several important purposes, including ensuring this community asset is properly managed and remains financially viable for the future.

This update will evaluate current and projected aviation demand and identify what airport improvements may be needed to satisfy airport demand over the next 20 years. Phase III includes the development, evaluation and ultimately, the Preferred Airport Alternatives that will lead to a Preferred Concept Development Report. One key element of this process includes a “No Action” or “Do Nothing” alternative.  The final report is expected to be completed by the Fall of 2019.

Because public involvement is a key component of this update, including opportunities for stakeholders to provide input, included here you’ll find Up-to-date information on how to become involved, sign-up to the mailing list and comment on the plan in general. Communications and background information can be found at

Chicago Executive airport generated $1.3M in 2018 property taxes for the City of Prospect Heights, the Village of Wheeling and all local taxing bodies including school districts. These revenues continue to increase annually and are in addition to off-airport businesses generating property tax and sales tax revenues, easing the burden on residents. Additionally, no local municipal funds are used on the Master Plan Update nor will any local property taxes increase as a result of this work.

Chicago Executive (KPWK) is one of the area’s top reliever airports for Chicago O’Hare International (ORD), accepting some 80,000 corporate, charter and light recreational aircraft, annually. Without a network of reliver airports around major cities, congestion at the large airports would increase significantly. Located just 10 miles north of ORD, Chicago Executive Airport is jointly owned by the City of Prospect Heights and the Village of Wheeling IL.

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