CABAA 2022 Scholarship Applications are now available

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CABAA 2022 Scholarship Applications are now available.

This year’s financial scholarships include the Ken Johnson Memorial Scholarship, CABAA Maintenance Committee Financial Scholarship, and the CABAA General Financial Scholarship; each scholarship being set at $8000 for this year.

The training awards this year include two pilot type ratings with the FlightSafety/CAE Professional Pilot Training Awards, two initial jet maintenance training courses with the FlightSafety/CAE Professional Maintenance Training Awards and continued maintenance training with the FlightSafety Principles of Troubleshooting Training Award. Additionally we are adding a Professional Development Award.

The application process is quick and easy:

1. Download CABAA Scholarship application cover page.
2. Download File for the Specific Scholarship you are applying for.
3. Complete Cover Page and Requirements for the scholarship you are applying for.
4. Email or Mail completed package.

Current students are also encouraged to sign up for a free student membership:

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