Critters vs. the Hurricanes

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When Hurricane Katrina hit the Louisiana Coast in the summer of 2005, it was then the strongest storm ever to strike the U.S. mainland. It displaced tens of thousands of people and thousands of animals in one fell swoop. Then came Irma last week to claim the top title and that, just a week after Hurricane Harvey had devastated the southeast coast of Texas and Louisiana separating more people from their animals. Of course the animals can’t ask for help.

For better or worse, pets become a part of people’s lives. That means they’re dependent upon us for many of their basic needs like food and shelter. Without us, their fate is pretty much sealed.

In an effort to help, the folks at Signature Flight Support PWK turned a corner of the station into the local hub for critter necessities under the watchful eye of Audrey Boehner.

If you’d like to help, you can drop off any of the items in most need. A cash donation at Signature’s front desk works too at their location on Tower Road just west of Milwaukee Ave. Donations are being accepted until October 7th when everything will be packed up and head to the PAWS facility in the Chicago for the trip south to where they’re desperately needed.

No tear-jerking music here, just a request to help if you’re someone who can.

The Most Needed Items:

Dog/cat food, Bottled water, Food bowls, Leashes & collars, Blankets & towels, Litter boxes, Dog treats & chew toys, Flea & tick spray, Dog shampoo, or cleaning supplies such as bleach, dish soap, trash bags, paper towels & laundry detergent. Signature’s open 24 hours each day, seven days a week. Ring Audrey at 847-537-1200 with your questions.


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