Priester Aviation Shares COVID-19 Mitigation Procedures To Keep Customers and Staff Safe

Chicago Executive Airport is a robust community of businesses, customers, recreational flyers, and so much more. Through creativity and teamwork, we’ve all adapted our daily operations to mitigate the risks of the COVID-19 pandemic. Recently, Priester Aviation, a longstanding PWK institution, shared the procedures they’ve implemented as one example. We’re proud to work with Priester and all of our airport businesses as we navigate new territory for all of us. 

Priester Aviation is a private aviation company, specializing in aircraft management and private travel solutions, operating over 50 aircraft around the globe. Celebrating its 75th anniversary, Priester Aviation is among the elite private aircraft operators that hold the highest safety accreditations including the ARGUS Platinum rating, Wyvern approval, IS-BAO Stage III and Air Charter Safety Foundation certifications.

In direct response to COVID-19, Priester Aviation has developed a thorough process to ensure a clean, safe and healthy environment for our passengers, guests and crew for aircraft we operate. Our team has implemented a specific set of safety precautions and protocols based upon recommendations from the CDC, WHO, Aircraft Manufacturers’ disinfection protocols, NBAA, and the Flight Safety Foundation’s Pandemic Response Plan. Priester’s approach includes an increased standard of operation from pre-flight to post-flight procedures.


  • All passengers are required to complete a pre-flight questionnaire to help identify
    passengers that could be at higher risk to have been exposed to COVID-19.
  • All pilots and crew members are temperature checked before each flight.
  • Modified overnight procedures for crew members to limit any outside exposure.
  • Enhanced pre-flight cleaning procedures to sanitize the cabin before each trip, specific areas onboard include:
    • Boarding door & attached rails
    • Interior hand hold and surfaces around door
    • All galley surfaces
    • All galley drawers including ledges of drawers
    • All opening and closing latches/handholds
    • All hand/drink/side rails
    • All buttons controlling onboard AV and passenger convenience items o All fold out tables
    • All passenger seats
    • All seatbelts and seatbelt latches
    • All items in onboard passenger convenience baskets
    • Any/all onboard door handles
    • All hard and/or smooth surfaces in the lavatory
  • On all Priester operated flights, PPE Kits including masks, gloves and hand sanitizer are provided for both passengers and crew members.
  • Crew to remain six feet from passengers during briefings (if cabin configuration allows) and masks should be worn during briefings.
  • Additional food handling and onboard catering procedures.


  • Passengers are to use the PPE Kits provided while onboard the aircraft at their own discretion.
  • Face mask must be worn anytime the crew leaves the cockpit.
  • Passengers should handle their own catering and crew members will not enter the galley area when passengers are present.


  • Passengers are encouraged to take the PPE Kits provided onboard with them to their destination.
  • Cockpit will be cleaned/sanitized by the crew before leaving for the day.
  • Cabin will cleaned/disinfected by the crew before leaving for the day if away from home base, by normal cleaning team or SOP if at home base.
  • Additional disinfectant long-term cleaning is taking place for added protection.

Priester Aviation is constantly monitoring the changing situation with COVID-19 to ensure health and safety of our charter clients, aircraft owners, our crews, and our team members. For more information, contact Priester Aviation at 847-537-1133 or visit

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