Runway Rehab Season is Fast Approaching

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Runway Rehab Season is Fast Approaching

Keeping all our runways in good operating order 365 days a year is no small challenge. That said, we’ve scheduled some work on the runway surfaces over the next few weeks that you’ll want to pay attention to. We’ve tried to minimize the total closure of any runway of course, but there are a few coming up.

The Airport Will be Closed to All Fixed Wing Traffic on June 26

Beginning on June 26, the entire airport will be closed to all fixed wing traffic during nighttime hours. Work begins at 2200 local and continues through 0600 local the morning of June 27. This work includes Bituminous crack sealing on the asphalt surface of runway 16/34. Safety issues related to the proximity of the workers to the runway 12/30 and 6/24 intersection demand we close the entire airport.

Runway 16/34 Remarking Work

The markings on runway 16/34 have begun fading and must be repainted. Because markings will also be updated on runways 12/30 and 6/24, the airport will again be completely shut down. As much as possible, we attempted to coordinate this runway work during a time when much of the airport would have been closed anyway for the 5K Run the Runway event and the Saturday night 4th of July festivities.

This work begin on Saturday morning June 30 at 0600 local and continue through Sunday evening July at 1800 local.

One exception to these closures is that Runway 12/30 will remain open for business on June 30 from 0600 local thru 1000 local.

Unfortunately, all of the work cannot be completed during the 4th of July closures, so one additional shutdown of runway 16/34 and runway 6/24 is scheduled for July 1 beginning at 1800 local and running through 0600 local July 2nd.

For our large aircraft operators, this means runway 16/34 will close on Saturday June 30 at 0600 local and remain shutdown until 0600 local on Monday July 2nd.

Runway 6 Pavement Work

In order to prevent vehicle incursions at the airport, we’ll also be removing some connecting pavement behind Hangar 6 that leads to the approach end of Runway 6. This work requires us to close that runway from June 25 at 0700 local until July 2 at 0600 local.

Taxiway Closures

The final work item on our agenda this month is the replacement of some concrete panels in the vicinity of Atlantic Aviation. This work begins Monday June 25 at 0700 local and runs through Monday July 9 at 0600 local. During this work, taxiway Lima, north of Lima 2 and Lima 1, as well as the north entrance to Atlantic Aviation’s ramp will be closed.

Questions about any of these repairs may be directed to our Operations and Maintenance Supervisor Andrew Wolanik at the airport office. 847-537-2580.

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