Scholarship Money: To Be Eligible, You Must Apply

Industry Scholarships: To Be Eligible, You MUST Apply

CABAA Offers Thousands of Dollars’ Worth of Student Support

Each year tens of thousands of dollars in scholarship money goes unused in the United States … often because graduating high school seniors and some college students either don’t know about these opportunities, or never bother to apply.

If you’re a high-school senior or college student, or the parent of one of these young people with an interest in the aviation industry, the Chicago Area Business Aviation Association (CABAA) is again offering a variety of valuable scholarships. CABAA offers these awards to promote professional development for a career in business aviation and last year alone awarded $52,000 in scholarships. And now’s the time to get busy in order to meet the May 4 entry deadline.

Cessna Citation Excel

CABAA scholarships focus on educational opportunities for pilots, maintenance technicians and aircraft schedulers and dispatchers. For instance, a high school senior could earn the $7,500 award set aside just for a student about to enter college. There are also $7,500 awards available for college students already involved in various areas of study.

Or consider a complete corporate flight-scheduler and dispatcher course offered by Flight Safety International (FSI) – one of the largest aviation training companies in the world. The scholarship winner will also receive a $1,000 travel stipend to assist with expenses to attend the course at a FSI campus.

For recent college graduates, there are two major scholarships being offered by FSI and CABAA. For pilots, it’s a complete type-rating course in the Cessna Citation Excel/XLS aircraft, a twin-engine business jet. Eligible students must have graduated with a pilot degree Spring/Summer 2018, or within the last five years. The retail value of the course is $22,000.

There’s also an aviation maintenance scholarship available focused on the Cessna Citation Sovereign. Worth some $18,000, the winner must be a college student who graduated with a degree in aircraft maintenance and holds a current A&P license. CABAA will also add a $1,000 travel stipend to both the pilot and maintenance technician winners.

All scholarship winners will be notified by phone. Awards will be presented at the annual CABAA Golf Classic on August 14th, 2018 and recipients must be present for the award presentation. Visit the CABAA website for more information.

And don’t forget all scholarship applications are due no later than May 4, 2018.

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